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Side events in different national, regional and internationl non-government and government processes organized and co-organized by AIWN.


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At the CSW 58th Session

Development and Indigenous Women in Asia

While the international community continuous to debate on sustainable development, indigenous women the world over are and have been historically in the back burners of so-called development. In a world where discrimination prevails, sustainable development for indigenous women will remain a rhetoric.

The side event will focus on the disproportionate impacts of consumerist/cash based development paradigm to indigenous women in Nepal and the Philippines. Particularly, it will look at the issues of trafficking among Tamang women in Nepal and the mining-related women’s rights violations in the Philippines. It hopes to generate further discussions, contribute and substantiate inputs to ongoing processes related to women, development and indigenous peoples i.e. the upcoming World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, Cairo + 20, Beijing +20 and the SDG/Post 2015 Agenda among others.

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At the UNPFII 13th Session

Title: The World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, the Climate Change Convention and the Convention on Biological Diversity: Updates and Ensuring Effective Participation of Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Women

21 May 2014, New York, USA.