An indigenous Tripura Woman and two indigenous man injured during an attack by settlers in Matiranga, Khagrachari

4 May 2017, 1:46 am Written by  Kapaeeng Watch
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On 1 April 2017 a house wife of Tripura indigenous community was attacked and injured by Bengali Settlers in Dalia khal area of Matiranga municipality in Khagrachari. The victim is the wife of Hemandra Tripura (30) and resident of Nabachandra Karbari para under no. 3 ward of Matiranga municipaliy in Khagrachari district.  The victim had taken treatment at Matiranga sadar hospital.

It is learnt that on the day of the incident at around 2.30 pm when the victim went to Dalia Khal to take bath, four Bengali settlers led by Md. Masum of Hospital area tried to tease her.  But she resists and protest against them. Settlers did not listen to her and threaten her to keep quite. Later settlers’ attacked her and got her injured. She was hit on her head during that time. The victim husband Hemandra Tripura and a local youth Oli Tripura (18) came forward when they heard scream of her. They were also injured when they fought against the settlers to rescue the victim.

When the news of the incident spread rapidly, locals rushed to the spot, caught one of the perpetrators Masum. It is learn that, Bengali Settlers tried to create communal tension with this issue.

After the incident, Muhammad Ali, no. 2 ward councilor and Abul Hashem of Matiranga market committee and no. 7 ward councilor of the municipality rushed to the scene. They promised to settle the matter and took Masum into their custody. However, whether any settlement was made or not, it is not known till the reporting.

An indigenous teenager attempted rape in Tanore, Rajshahi

On 21 April 2017 an indigenous teenage girl was attempted rape by the owner of a photo studio when she went to take a photo at Taonre upazila of Rajshahi district. The father of the victim filed a case with Tanore Police Station against the perpetrator Raihan Ali (28) of Chorkhor Hasnapara of the upazila who is also the owner of the studio.

It is learnt that on the day of the incident at noon the victim, a grade 8 student, went to take a photo to the studio at Mondumala Bazar of Tanore in Rajshahi. The owner of the studio Raihan Ali tried to rape her inside the studio in the name of capturing photo with digital camera. At that time local people rescued the victim hearing her scream. Officer in charge of Tanore police station said a case has been filed and police trying to arrest the accused.  

Source: Kapaeeng Watch, Issue 7 and 8, April 2017

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